The screenplay is created because of the Jun Maeda, whom to start with developed brand new show

The fresh art director is actually Kazuki Higashiji, and you may Kanami Sekiguchi created the character framework used in the brand new anime towards Na-Ga’s brand-new patterns. Voice and you may tunes assistance is oriented by Satoki Iida.

The hole motif are ?Bravely You? from the Lia and stop theme is actually ?Yakeochinai Tsubasa? (???????, “The fresh Wings that’ll not Feel Burnt Down”) from the Aoi Tada. ?Rakuen Generated? (????, “In order to Eden”) because of the Exactly how-Low-Hello is employed once the ending theme out of episode about three and five.


  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Periods
  • 3 OVA
  • 4 Blu-beam & Dvd
  • 4.1 Area 2
  • cuatro.2 Region 1
  • 5 Personnel
  • six Companies
  • eight Throw

Charlotte employs the storyline regarding four children in the a different fact away from Hoshinoumi Academy, a school centered to guard youngsters with special overall performance you to produce during the adolescence, while they try to find and cover others eg her or him during the The japanese.

These pupils is Yu Otosaka, a guy toward ability to handle another person, albeit only for 5 moments and simply when in person thinking about the mark, Nao Tomori, whom spends her ability to feel hidden to 1 individual she chooses to encourage anyone else to hear this lady, Jojiro Takajo, on capacity to move very quickly it is therefore feel like teleportation, and you may Yusa Nishimori who is always had by their inactive pyrokinetic cousin, Misa, on account of their ability because a medium.


1 “I do believe Throughout the Others”
Half the normal commission out of kids has onsets regarding special overall performance. Yu Otosaka deftly uses an ability which takes more than a beneficial target’s muscles for five seconds to live the school longevity of an enthusiastic award student, and you may gets accepted towards the a beneficial esteemed high-school. Only whenever Yu is just about to live a steady lives from inside the high-school, a girl named Nao Tomori looks just before your.
2 “Tune of Depression”
Yu hesitantly acts together with the college student council and you can works amok so you can secure individuals with unique abilities. That it provides in order to white as to the reasons Tomori is determined to meet up with beginner council commitments in face out-of possibilities – a last of a horrible fate one to awaited a skill wielder.
3 “Like and you can Fire”
Suggestions in regards to the another function wielder is located at Yu and also the productive scholar council players. In their lookup of an individual that have a few abilities of heart hands and you will pyrokinesis, Yu and you can business comes across a specific pop idol.
4 “Moment regarding Serious”
All the info out-of a strength wielder you to definitely Kumagami relays towards the beginner council at the time Yusa transmits toward Hoshinoumi Academy products in order to a highschool baseball pitcher one to Tomori already had this lady vision into. His element are telekinesis. Up against an effective pitcher that utilizes his capacity to mountain what you certainly will be called diabolical balls, the brand new Hoshinoumi Academy student council demands him so you’re able to a game out-of baseball and make him prevent this.
5 “The fresh new Sound Your Heard Sometime”
With the information of Kumagami since a tip, the fresh new student council users keep a good stakeout in the center of the brand new mountains where a good wielder of an alternative element purportedly hangs out. While they spend the day cooking and you may fishing, Yu results in the music out of ZHIEND courtesy Tomori’s music player.
6 “Happiness You probably did Perhaps not Observe”
The location of the new ability wielder according to Kumagami was the condo where Ayumi was currently home with a cold. Ayumi tells Yu and Tomori who came to see how she was doing about the nightmare that she had.

Tomori, convinced that the dream’s information are a sign in calculating aside Ayumi’s element, says to Yu to attract the actual belongings in Ayumi’s fantasy of this lady.

7 “The conclusion the newest Exodus”
Yu, crestfallen from the proven fact that he lost their little aunt Ayumi, closes themselves alone into the their household and you may incisions all telecommunications which have the outside business. Doubt perhaps the worried student council members you to concerned examine into your, Yu prospects a good dissolute life merely to see lookin before your.
8 “Encounter”
Yu, beginning to undertake Ayumi’s demise, attends school the very first time from inside the a bit. There, the guy discovers morale inside a school lives having not altered away from prior to. Next, he ends up needing to attend an effective ZHIEND real time gig alone which have Tomori, however, in route back from college or university you to definitely time, he bumps to the a foreign-searching lady carrying a white cane.
nine “The nation that is Not any longer Here”
Yu looks like heading to a good ZHIEND real time gig alone with Tomori. The newest gigs initiate and also the listeners gets hotter, but Yu seems a mysterious feeling in his cardio.
10 “Plunder”
Yu’s government Shunsuke comes with the power to dive through time, but has lost their plans of by using this ability repeatedly, that’s no further able to use his fuel. Therefore, today Yu must take their big brother’s set and you can save your self Ayumi.
11 “Charlotte”
Kumagami and Medoki arrive before Yu Otosaka after the guy effectively rescues Ayumi. For the lab organization that they take the siblings to, Yu learns the reason for the fresh new outbreaks out-of unique abilities. Kumagami next progress factual statements about a new function wielder and you may brains to help you Hoshinoumi Academy, however,.
twelve “Promise”
The latest friends regarding student council and you will Ayumi started check out Yu whom are hospitalized regarding his wounds. Included in this are Tomori. During his conversation with Tomori, Yu can make an excellent certatin choice.
thirteen “Recollections to come”
The decision you to definitely Yu tends to make would be to plunder the ability of every past wielder out of a different ability on earth. It is an alternative that give salvation every single element-wielder, but at the same time, it’s an alternative that produces Yu shell out a giant rate reciprocally.

Brand new occurrence starts with Kumagami telling the group the spot of a mind reader. They investigate and acquire a girl, Iori Sekiguchi. The group believes this might be best to have Nao and you will Yuu to cope with the girl instance.

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