Derek and you will Addison after provided to give the relationship various other is actually and put aside their dating

Addison Forbes Montgomery [ ]

Derek and you may Addison satisfied at medical college or university. They started matchmaking and was in fact e an extremely very respected doc in her specialization and you may spent some time working when you look at the Mesa dating service an exclusive behavior, similar to Derek and also the several existed together inside Ny. These were comfortable economic and owned a home on Hamptons.

Although not, with time it grew aside. These people were one another using long establishing upwards its professional lives, with Derek later claiming he had been never ever around for the girl and you may which they was in fact emotionally faraway inside their personal existence. The tension added Addison in order to cheating which have Derek’s closest friend, Draw Sloan. Derek discovered him or her and you will moved to Seattle.

Addison discover Derek two months later. She approved a job in one healthcare and you can is in hopes they might strive to rescue its relationship out of 11 ages. The girl arrival amazed Derek and his awesome girlfriend, Meredith Gray, once the she hadn’t known Derek are partnered.

As time passes, Addison realised one to Derek try today in love with Meredith and you will you to definitely she got screwed-up its marriage beyond fix when she slept with Draw. It later wanted to breakup and you can remained household members. Derek decided to go to the woman on her the fresh individual practice when you look at the La and you will she desired your really together with his the relationship. It’s not familiar exactly how she coped having Derek’s dying.

Mark Sloan [ ]

Mark and you can Derek was basically best friends because the teens. ily records and you can is actually asked to your Shepherd household members because a good next son. They visited medical college together. But not, into the 2005, Derek discover Addison cheat which have Mark. The guy departed New york assuming these were reunited following the Mark’s arrival at health the guy did at the, he punched Draw. Mark was at a medical facility so you can get together again having Addison, and that dropped owing to.

Mark’s anticipate regarding work at the health he has worked during the since the Head regarding Surgery treatment, crazy Derek, even so they stayed professional and you can arrived at write a relationship again. It after found myself in a fight when Derek revealed you to Draw are finding Lexie Grey, their young sister in law. The guy wanted Derek to leave her alone and you will is actually upset one the guy hadn’t.

Over time, Derek arrived at observe how a great Mark and you may Lexie were with her, and in case Draw confided from inside the your that Lexie told your she had been in love with your, Derek recommended elizabeth method. Derek try disturb whenever Draw died, and you will try because of the their front since the his life-support server try stopped.

Amelia Shepherd [ ]

Derek try nearest to help you his youngest cousin, Amelia. It common brand new despair out of enjoying the dad end up being test so you can dying and this naturally had a deep affect in it. They became estranged as Amelia coped toward losings by firmly taking medication. Derek discover their cold whenever she stole his treatment mat to retrieve medicines and grabbed an enthusiastic overdose. Derek saved the girl lives nonetheless drifted aside this means that out of the lady procedures.

These people were reunited when she heard you to Derek was attempt from the Gary Clark. Derek are disappointed and you may tried to force this lady aside. The guy gave the reason once the her earlier experience in pills. Although not, it after had a discussion in which they shared its soreness about their father’s demise, and then he attained an insight into why she took place new route she performed. He informed that he attempted to mask his problems on this lady and their father because the the guy wanted to cover their out-of discussing their aches. They reconnected and you may turned into better.

not, by the its next reunion, Amelia got relapsed and you may went back to treatment. Amelia wanted Derek to assist the lady toward question of Erica Warner who had a mind tumour. Derek pushed her out once again and you may made an effort to convince the girl to help you get off possible alone when he informed her the fresh new tumour are impossible to eradicate. She overlooked your in which he accessible to help this lady when he realised she’d never ever surrender.

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